Rolex Brand Story-founder Hans Wilsdorf

Only a few people can make a name for themselves in the contemporary era and lead the times. And Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, is one of them. This kind of breakthrough of time is very rare, which fully reflects the uniqueness of Wilsdorf and its brand. This brilliant and prolific innovator died in 1960, and he has left countless precious heritages for the entire watchmaking industry, especially Rolex.

   Wristwatches are very common in today’s generation, but in 1905 things were quite different. With the changing times, our lifestyle and dress style have also changed. At that time, Hans Wilsdorf, only 24 years old, was convinced that ‘watches have extraordinary potential in sports-loving countries […] such as the United Kingdom’, and he was determined to create sturdy and reliable watches that were in line with the prevailing fashion Pocket watches are comparable, and the process is not easy at all. Faced with such a small case, the design must be precise and perfect. He also pointed out: ‘At the time, the watch was actually not optimistic. Watchmakers around the world may be skeptical about the development of the watch and consider this novelty. [Destined] to fail. ‘

   With his fearless spirit and determination, Hans Wilsdorf made watches popular and made Rolex a well-known brand. It has maintained a prominent and respected position for more than a century.
   Among the many letters he wrote throughout his life, the resolute Hans Wilsdorf wrote in a 1914 letter: ‘We want to be number one … and Rolex watches should be considered unique and unique. The best! ‘The goal is very clear.
In fact, Hans Wilsdorf not only shapes people’s perception of the watch itself, but also its positioning, use and potential. In addition, he has always adhered to the eternal value, pursuing extraordinary quality, passion for watchmaking and excellent performance, making Rolex the ultimate model of fine watchmaking. To this day, this spirit of perseverance, persistence, vision and imagination is reflected in Rolex factories, research laboratories and departments, while fully affirming Wilsdorf’s belief from the beginning ‘Everywhere, originality and quality [must] become our future slogans, and every [Rolex] watch must be the embodiment of superior quality.’
Watchmaking passion and the spirit of the times
   Hans Wilsdorf is unique in his vision, fully grasps the pulse and pace of the times, responds to the current situation in a very flexible manner, and can anticipate the changing needs of consumers, making the brand and watchmaking industry first and foremost. From chronograph certification, the world’s first waterproof oyster watch, Perpetual Oscillator to professional models. Hans Wilsdorf wrote: ‘Rolex must always think differently and act differently, which is our greatest strength.’
   This spirit of continuous innovation extends to all possible fields, from intellectual property (created the loud and easy-to-remember ‘Rolex’ brand name as early as 1908, focusing on brand registration and protection), avant-garde marketing, The communication from advertising to spokesperson strategy is an example of the leading times.
Vision and Value
   Hans Wilsdorf adheres to his traditional values. In addition to prudent actions now, he constantly imagines the future, creating a truly timeless brand, and combining classics with contemporary elements. In addition, he discovered the magic formula that makes products last long, and this is the magic source of Rolex brand. In his seventies, Hans Wilsdorf still showed his relentless spirit: ‘I am seventy-five years old. However, I am still enthusiastic about the watchmaking industry and often bring fresh ideas. ‘
Boldness and extraordinary beauty
   His advice, no matter today or in the past, is undoubtedly exactly the same: ‘Going forward. Success requires courage and determination.’