Rolex China Sea Regatta Victoria Harbour Easter Sailing

The biennial ‘Rolex China Sea Race’, ‘Rolex China Sea Race’, will set sail on Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong on April 16, 2014 to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the China Sea Regatta. Rolex has sponsored this world-class offshore race in 2008 as part of an exclusive partnership with the Hong Kong Yacht Club.

 The race was started in 1962, with a voyage of 565 nautical miles. Starting from Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, it sailed to Subic Bay in the Philippines, known as Asia’s highest-level blue sea offshore sailing race. The length of the individual yachts and conjoined yachts must not be less than ten meters. The spectacular sailing scene makes this event famous worldwide. Hong Kong’s skyline is transformed into a spectacular background, sailing from the splendid harbor, and yachts are racing among the old-fashioned fascia boards and modern merchant ships.

The ‘Rolex Rolex China Sea Regatta 2014’ will start from Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong, on April 16, and head towards Subi Bay in the Philippines.

 It is expected that about 35 teams from local and overseas participating teams will participate in this year’s competition. At that time, they will set off from the starting line at Victoria Harbour, encounter a windward buoy after sailing a short distance, and then head east to the waters surrounded by Victoria Harbour and skyscrapers and sail towards Lei Yue Mun Fishing Village and Tseung Kwan O. Head towards Subi Bay, northwest of Manila, Philippines.

 The offshore regatta is long and arduous, and the track is full of serious challenges. To cope with weather changes, the game is often divided into two different stages. The competition is very challenging for the tactical deployment of the participating ships. When the participating ships leave Hong Kong, the wind will usually be very large, and the sailing boat will be very bumpy on the sea. When it is near the coast of the Philippines, the wind will usually weaken, and the fleet technicians and pilot The crew needs to work hard to take advantage of the weak wind, slowly approach the coast and reach the end. For the participating teams, the extraordinary endurance and complex tactical decisions required for sailing are the real challenges. Proudly, the record was created by Hong Kong sailor Karl Kwok﹚ in 2000, driving his sailing Beau Geste in 47 hours, 43 minutes and 07 seconds.

 The close relationship between Rolex and sailing began in the 1950s, because of the spirit and philosophy of sailing and Rolex’s brand philosophy of excellence, precision and teamwork. Rolex has established close cooperative relationships with many well-known yacht clubs and organizations of major world sailing events, including the Hong Kong Yacht Club. Through Rolex’s support, we are committed to making this event attract more attention in Hong Kong, the region and the international sailing industry.

 In this glorious history, the Rolex China Sea Regatta has spread the spirit of fraternity towards yachts to the city of Hong Kong. In the Far East, sailing has not yet become a highly popular race, but the influence of the sea and the longing for the sea have been deeply rooted in the lives of Hong Kong people.

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