Sotheby’s To Auction The Mysterious Rolex Daytona ‘red Moon’ Watch

On October 8, 2019, Sotheby’s will hold a precious watch auction in Hong Kong. The most watched lot in this auction is No. 2300. This is a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch equipped with Zenith ElPrimero400 movement, described as ‘may be unique … Chronograph with red dial’, ‘LunaRossa’ (Red Moon) The nickname came from this.

   The Rolex Daytona ‘Red Moon’ watch caused controversy because it was its first interview and has never been seen in the market before. Sotheby’s didn’t provide much background information about the watch, so it remains a mystery. However, the dial details of this watch have been examined, and both the text and the numbers are the same as the standard dial design. The back of the dial is engraved with the JeanSinger & Cie logo, which was then the Daytona dial maker.

   In a nutshell, the dial is made by Rolex suppliers and then assembled into the E-Series (case number) Daytona Ref. 1652818K yellow gold watch. So how did the dial come into being? There are two possibilities.

   For one, Singer produced a dial that was shown to Rolex as a sample, but was rejected. Or maybe this is a Singer trial (the equipment used is exactly the same as the batch dial), and it was never even revealed to Rolex. Second, Rolex may want a more lively dial color, so he ordered it from Singer, but for some reason finally gave up, just like the metal blue of the Daytona nickname ‘The BigBlue’ or ‘Chairman’ dial.

   Of course, the above is pure speculation, the origin of the red dial is still unknown, and the final transaction price will indicate the attitude of the bidder. It is reported that this Rolex Daytona ‘Red Moon’ watch is valued at 1.6 million to 3 million Hong Kong dollars, equivalent to about 1.45 million to 2.73 million yuan. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Updated: 14. August 2019 — 7:51
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