The ‘ghost King’ In Tudor Water Ghost

Tudor has been very hot in recent years, especially the sports watch of Tudor, the long-term heat has not decreased. Tudor sports watches won the Rolex ‘truth’ (after all, Tudor and Rolex are a family), now almost like Rolex, new watches are ‘fried’, but whenever the new Tudor sports watches come out, popular watches will also come ‘Super public price’. Fortunately, Tudor is basically just a wave of heat. When the new watch fever passes, the Tudor sports watch will slowly recover to a relatively normal market, and will not continue to rise like sports. At this time, the time to buy the Tudor popular sports watch Here it comes. After the tudor left-handed diving watch was heated up, I took the opportunity to buy a tudor left-handed.

Tudor led submersible LHD left-handed diving watch, worn on left and right hands.
 Tudor left-handed diving watch, the official name is Tudor led dive type LHD diving watch (LHD means left hand dive left-handed diving watch). Tudor left-handed diver’s watch is one of the most configured, most expensive, and most powerful watches in Tudor, and it was once hot. After wearing it for a while, Tudor left-handed is the most powerful diving watch of Tudor and the ‘Ghost King’ among Tudor water ghosts. Tudor put a lot of effort into the left-handed diving watch, this watch has rich details, let’s look at them one by one.

Tudor Leadership LHD Left-handed Dive Watch
 Tudor left-handed diving watch is one of Tudor’s leading diving series. The leading diving series is Tudor’s professional diving watch, which is waterproof to 500 meters, more than the Rolex Water Ghost to a depth of 300 meters. The Tudor left-handed diving watch measures 42 mm in thickness and 14.45 mm in thickness. In the Rolex / Tudor sports watch, it is considered to be a relatively large watch, second only to Rolex’s 44mm ghost king DEEPSEA and 43mm sea letter. Although Tudor’s left-hander is larger, this watch uses a titanium case and a titanium bracelet. It is very light and wears no burden and is very strong. The biggest feature of Tudor left-handers is that the crown is on the left side of the watch. This is because the Tudor left-handed diving watch refers to the diving watch provided by the Tudor to the French Navy in the 1970s, so the left-handed design was used. The crown is on the left side of the case, and the helium exhaust valve is on the right side of the case.

Tudor collar submersible LHD left-handed diving watch case bracelet is titanium.
 The crown is on the left. Winding and adjusting the time will be a bit uncomfortable at first, but then I discovered the technique. Turn the watch over so that the crown is on the right and operate with your right hand like a normal watch, and there is no problem at all. The crown is unlocked, winding, adjusting the calendar, adjusting the time, locking the crown, and normal diving watches. The left-handed watch should theoretically be worn on the right hand, but I continue to wear the watch with my left hand.

Helium exhaust valve of Tudor led submersible LHD left-handed diving watch.
 The Tudor left-handed diving watch is made of titanium as a whole. Tudor has fully drawn the titanium case. This is also the consistent processing method for tool tables and professional tables. Another feature of the Tudor left-handed diving watch is the huge independent number engraved on the case back. Although Tudor left-handers are unlimited, each watch has its own number, which is also to increase the ‘collection’ value of the watch.

The bottom cover of the Tudor LHD left-handed diving watch is independently numbered.
 Tudor left-handers, including all Tudor collar submersible watches, use ceramic rings. According to our inertial thinking, small flowers and small shields are aluminum rings, so they will habitually think that the leading type is also an aluminum ring. In fact, the leading type, including left-handed, is a ceramic ring. However, Tudor used matte ceramic rings (easy to be mistaken for aluminum rings), which is completely different from the bright ceramic rings of Rolex water ghosts. The use of ceramic rings also allows the left-hander to include the dive type in configuration, over the small flowers and small shields.

Tudor collar submersible LHD left-handed diving watch with matte ceramic ring.
 The numbers and scales on Tudor’s left-handed ceramic circle are all luminous, and the word circle luminous effect is good. In addition, the numbers and scales on the ceramic rings are beige, and the retro effect of an antique watch is very good. The rotation of the bezel is also very good, very smooth, unlike my diving watch, the bezel is very tight.

Tudor led submersible LHD left-handed diving watch luminous effect.
 Tudor’s left-handed disc has a strong retro effect. The axe needle (also called snowflake needle) is the most significant feature of the Tudor diving watch, and it is also a major feature of the Tudor antique diving watch, which is different from the Rolex Mercedes pin. The Tudor left-handed diving watch uses a square time scale, which imitates the ‘plaster surface’ on the Tudor antique diving watch. The 12 o’clock time scale is an inverted triangle. The luminous area of ​​the hands and time scale is huge. With the luminous bezel, the luminous sharp .

Tudor Leadership LHD Left-handed Dive Watch
 The calendar window is a major feature of Tudor’s left-handers. Tudor’s left-handed calendar numbers alternate between red and black, with double numbers in red and singular numbers in black. There are more such calendars on antique watches, commonly known as ‘roulette’, because they are very similar to the red and black staggered colors on the bet. We can also clearly see the red Pelagos on Tudor’s left-handed disc. The red letter Pelagos, like Rolex’s red letter Submariner, is a retro element on antique watches. Just like Rolex’s new sea ambassador, the scarlet letters are also used on the disk. In addition to the scarlet letter, the tudor left-hander also wrote English on the disk, such as Chronometer Officially Certified, Rotor self-winding, and water resistance to 500 meters (500m-1640ft). Similar to Rolex, but written differently than Rolex. In addition, we can tell from the English on the Tudor disc whether it is a Tudor-produced movement, written in English by CHRONOMETER Observatory certification, is a self-produced movement, without writing is ETA movement (because the Tudor ETA movement does not have an Observatory certification) .

Tudor Leadership LHD Left-handed Dive Watch
 Tudor left-handers use the Tudor-made MT5612 movement. In recent years, Tudor has popularized the self-produced MT56 series movements on Tudor’s main sports watches, including the Biwan series represented by small shields and bronze, the lead dive series represented by left-handers, and the self-produced ones. North flag of the movement.

The Tudor self-produced MT5612 movement used in the Tudor Leadership Submersible LHD Left-handed Dive Watch shows that this is a movement with reliable performance. The movement is functionally polished without excessive decoration.
 The Tudor MT56 series self-produced movement is a self-winding movement with outstanding performance and high configuration. Movement size 33.8mm, thickness 6.5mm, 26 jewel shafts, swing frequency 28800 times / hour, two-way automatic winding, fine adjustment of balance wheel with non-calibration weight, silicon balance spring, power reserve 70 hours, instant jump calendar, observatory Certified. Tudor’s self-produced MT56 series movements have the same thinking as Rolex’s new 32 series movements, both focusing on performance and practical movements, with performance leading in mainstream luxury watches. In addition to Tudor’s own use, Tudor MT56 series movements are also available for Breitling. On the TUDOR left-handed watch, the TUDOR MT56 series movement is large in size, so the calendar can be coordinated at the 3 o’clock position on the dial. There will be no large and small movements. During my left-handed wear, the watch traveled very well and the daily error was very small, which proved the performance of the movement.

Divers from abroad are very handsome wearing TUDOR LHD left-handed diving watches for testing.
 Tudor left-handed as a professional diving watch, the buckle also has a quick adjustment function, you can. The quick adjustment on the Tudor Dive Buckle is similar to that on the Rolex Water Ghost, which can be slid inside the buckle to extend or shorten the length. The point of the Tudor buckle is that the structure in the buckle is very ‘violent’, the two springs on the slide rail are exposed, and they have a strong ‘industrial feeling’. Tudor left-handed tape is also interesting. There is a wavy extension tape in the tape of the Tudor left-handed diving watch. The extension tape can be connected to the normal tape, which greatly lengthens the length of the tape. This design is obviously intended to be worn outside the diving suit. Tudor left-handed diving watch is a typical professional watch.

Case and tape for Tudor Leadership LHD left-handed diving watch.
 The official price of Tudor’s leading submersible LHD left-handed diving watch is 39800. The public price of 39800 is one of the most expensive watches in Tudor. The Tudor left-hander’s public price exceeds that of IWC, Omega, Cartier, and Panerai. The dive submersible watch is the most powerful dive watch of Tudor. It has great advantages in watch configuration and water resistance to 500 meters. Another important point is that Tudor’s left-handedness is extremely strong. Is a watch that the general public will not buy, only players will buy.
 PS. Finally, put a full set of pictures to verify the body.

Tudor led diving LHD left-handed diving watch complete set.

Updated: 14. November 2020 — 7:42
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