Ultra-thin Classic Brief Comment On Piaget Altiplano White Gold Diamond Watch

In addition to the fine diamond setting technology that puts girls into a dreamland, Piaget also has the pursuit of ultra-thin watches. We know that in the 2014 Geneva Watch Show, Piaget launched its The latest ultra-thin series models, today Watch House will bring you an Altiplano series ultra-thin watch with white gold and diamonds. The official model of the watch is: G0A36138.

Piaget can be proud that even today, Piaget is still one of the few brands in the world that has only been awarded the highest honor of ‘comprehensive manufacturer’, that is, all production processes, from design, research, development to manufacturing, are made by the brand itself Finished, which is very rare in the current watch industry.


This watch is designed with a diameter of 43 mm and is carried in an 18K white gold case. The case is set with 88 round diamonds and weighs about 0.8 carats. The white dial design matches the Barton time scale.


This ultra-thin white gold watch is the perfect expression of simplicity and classics. It inherits the tradition of Piaget elegance and refinement. This modern Altiplano watch is the pinnacle of minimalism. Piaget has pushed micromechanics to the extreme, setting two new records in the field of ultra-thin watches: thanks to the miniature rotor, the movement With a thickness of only 2.35 mm, it is the thinnest self-winding mechanical movement on the market today, and the watch is only 5.25 mm thick. The bezel is paved with round diamonds, demonstrating simplicity and elegance.


The watch is equipped with a black crocodile leather strap, sewn with black silk, and the buckle is made of 18K white gold with a pin buckle buckle, and the Piaget classic logo is also engraved on the buckle.


The thickness of the watch is only 5.25 millimeters. As a self-winding watch, such a thickness can be said to be a miracle. The watch is equipped with a 1208P self-winding movement made by Piaget. The thickness of this self-winding movement Controlled at 2.35 mm, it has to be said that this is a miraculous existence.


The watch is designed with a diameter of 43 mm. The Barton hour markers are matched with bar-shaped hands. The reading is clear and clear. The silver-plated dial has a small seconds display at 5 o’clock, which adds a little decoration to the simple dial. |


The watch’s internally-built 1208P self-winding movement is built in the same vein as the well-known 12P movement and is currently the world’s thinnest movement. In order to achieve a slim record of 2.35 millimeters, the watchmaking brand Piaget made every effort to use its accumulated experience in the ultra-thin field to create precise movement parts. Some of the gears in the movement are only 0.12 millimeters thick, making them as thin as hair. The distance between the gears is also as small as possible, only 0.1 mm. In addition, the movement is also equipped with a balance stop device. To make efficient use of space, an eccentric rose gold disc is set at 9 o’clock on the movement and is engraved with the Piaget family crest. In addition, there is a small eccentric second hand at 5 o’clock. The 1208P movement perfectly embodies the spirit of innovation of the watchmaking brand Piaget. In addition to the above features, it is also equipped with a gear set decorated with solar radial patterns and special long and short needle devices, and is engraved with the initial ‘P’ of Piaget. Secret signature. Decorative details such as the circular Geneva wave pattern, the round-finished main splint, the chamfered bridge, the engraved Piaget family emblem and limited-number movement oscillating weight, and the blue steel screws show the aesthetic standards that this Swiss watch brand uphold To make this movement more outstanding.

Summary: Although many brands are studying the ultra-thin field, I think Piaget really has made achievements in this field. Piaget’s many ultra-thin movements are the best illustration. At present, this watch is in Beijing Oriental The square store’s offer is 237,600 yuan, friends who are interested can go to themselves for more details. (Photo / Wen Watch House Chen Zhongyun)

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Updated: 23. February 2021 — 12:07
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