Wang Jiaer: A Singer Wearing A Watch Singing Rap

The recently broadcasted third season of ‘The Voice of Dreams’ on Zhejiang Satellite TV has once again caused a lot of enthusiasm, so I followed the past to make a noise, but Wang Jiaer’s singing skills and typhoon arrived in the second, and by the way The watch in his hand attracted.

Wang Jiaer wears Patek Philippe Nautilus Diamond Watch

   Wang Jiaer wore a Patek Philippe Nautilus diamond-studded watch, paired with a black line, which not only has his own personality, but also retains the serious look that the instructor should have.

Wang Jiaer on the stage

   In today’s traffic era, when the audience is gradually tired, the young traffic niche is no longer just a face, and they are all talented. So is Wang Jiaer.

Teacher He Yan and Wang Jiaer in Please Refrigerator

   Wang Jiaer was born in the family of sports. His father is Wang Ruiji, a former member and coach of the Hong Kong Fencing Team of China, and his mother is Zhou Ping, a former Chinese gymnast. At the age of 10, he began to engage in fencing. At the age of 12, he won the National Games Fencing Gold Medal. In his sports career, he won three Asian championships, three national championships and nine nations. In short, he was a Athletes whose acting career is delayed. Until 2010, he went to South Korea as a trainee, and since then has embarked on a completely different life track than before, and then debuted as a boy group GOT7. In 2015, Wang Jiaer returned to China and co-hosted ‘Come on the Refrigerator’ with host He Yan. With his handsome appearance, cool RAP strength and solid dancing skills, he won countless fans.

   Wang Jiaer is strong enough in music. Even people like me who don’t listen to RAP are attracted to him. In terms of fashion resources and endorsements, they have also been softened, which is a traffic niche with strength and beauty.

   At the beginning, Wang Jiaer’s Patek Philippe Nautilus diamond model was recognized at a glance from the classic octagonal bezel and the unique porthole structure case. The dazzling diamond model and the cool temperament of Wang Jiaer Can even look very harmonious. However, we could not find this Nautilus. It may be that diamonds were re-set in the later period, or it was an unreleased custom model.

Wang Jiaer wears Patek Philippe Nautilus (similar)

   On Wang Jiaer’s social platform, we also saw that he had worn the Zenith watch. Although the entire watch could not be seen clearly, we can see from the design of the crown and the case that this is Zenith’s DEFY series watch. paragraph.

Wang Jiaer wearing Zenith DEFY series 95.9000.9004 / 78.R582 watch is similar

   Wang Jiaer wore a Panerai watch, matching a gray plaid suit jacket, showing the temperament of the body. This watch from Panerai travels between leisure and formal wear, suitable for many occasions.

Wang Jiaer wears a Panerai watch PAM00943

   Wang Jiaer has taken a set of magazine photos, this one is a watch of the Cartier TANKAMERICAINE series. Sports boys can take a gentle and elegant line if they get serious. Cartier’s TANK watch has 3 classics, TANKAMERICAINE is one of them, very recognizable. This series of watches borrows the shape of the tank chariot, with a unique avant-garde design, many celebrities have worn Cartier’s TANK watch.

Wang Jiaer wears Cartier TANKAMERICAINE series WSTA0018 watch

   Wang Jiaer gave up his career as an athlete for his music dream, but brought us more musical works. The transformation from one field to another, and continuously promoting personal growth between the choices, Wang Jiaer did, and the future is expected. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Updated: 4. October 2020 — 8:56
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