Zhenli Shi Dare To Be The World First

The Zenith watch factory located in Locle, the home of Swiss watchmaking, provides precision timepieces for a large number of adventure pioneers to help them complete the greatest adventure in human history. This glorious tradition has created breathtaking professional watchmaking skills that shine on every Zenith watch.
The El Primero high-frequency chronograph 1/10 second jump symbolizes the technical value of Zenith’s return to the foundation of the brand’s success.
    With the development of human exploration, timepieces are becoming more and more accurate in the process of trial and error. First of all, in the process of conquering the ocean, navigators customized the famous nautical precision timepieces to talented watchmakers. Subsequently, with the increasing popularity of railways, ‘railroad watches’ also came into being. Since then, veritable on-board wristwatches have also begun to appear on the plane for air timekeeping. In this long journey, Zeni is always active everywhere. The accuracy of the brand’s timepieces is gradually gaining popularity, and the homemade movement is also widely recognized for its unparalleled reliability. The Canadian Railways, the U.S. military, and the French Air Force have all customized very special timepieces to the Zenith watch factory in Le Locle. After 146 years of ups and downs, Zenith’s traditional expertise in making accurate timepieces has not faded in the slightest. In 1997, the brand received an order from the French Ministry of Defence to create a Rainbow Flyback watch series specifically for its Air Force pilots. Today, the new El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th watch draws inspiration from this model and once again interprets the most wonderful moment in the journey to conquer the sky.